Low fps with 2019 anniversary?

so after getting onto overwatch after a while to check out the new anniversary event, i went into the practice range to brush off the dust a little bit. But then i noticed i went from getting a solid 120-130 fps average, i was getting 12-30 fps.
At first i thought of it as no big deal so i restarted my game just to load it back up with the same problem. This had happened before, and the solution every time was a “scan and repair”. So i did that and it didn’t. So now im here asking if anyone else has the same problem, and if anyone knows how to solve it

I have the same issue but i dont know a solution either .

Maybe this?

Just an fyi, but it is better to post about technical issues in the technical support forum instead of the bug report forum. There is a reason why the post is 20 days old with no reply. Blizzard support is far more active on the technical support forum than they are here. They hardly ever post in the bug report forum unless it is a thread about a wide spread conndction issue plaguing a good amount of players.