Low fps while playing (controlling character), normal fps everywhere else

Pretty much title.

While I’m controlling my character, my fps is around 20-40 but as soon as I die it jumps up to 150-250, menus are good fps too.
Earlier this week everything was fine and was running at around 100fps. I’ve reinstalled Overwatch, put all settings on the lowest possible, scan & repair multiple times, restarted my pc alot. This doesnt happen with any other game, only Overwatch.

Any suggestions on what to do?

Are you by chance using a Razer mouse?

I’m using an ASUS ROG Gladius II, I am using a Razer keyboard though.

You may want to try uninstalling all Razer software if you have it installed. Not sure if it also causes FPS issues with a Razer keyboard but it may.

Going to piggyback on what OrangeLion mentioned, and yes, it does happen with keyboards also :upside_down_face: