Low FPS after Busan Update

Hi, after Busan Patch my FPS drop to 20 when the game starts. In 1v1 and in spawn before match, I have no trouble. Any Help?

What have you tried from the posts you’re supposed to read before posting? :smile: Known Technical Support Issues - Updated Oct 13, 2021

Yes, tried everything related to my side.

And no, drivers update, power management, graphic card management, in-game settings, but without luck.

This issue is still open to me. If it helps I might point out the game version and build number.

Have you made sure your game is updated to the latest patch?

Yes, that the version! Same trouble as e4rendil.

I confirm I have and is impossible to play

Same here. Tried all the fixes on my end and the game is still unplayable. I went from having ~140 fps prior to the update to 40 fps after. I was hoping this would have been fixed yesterday but now i’m decaying and it’s very infuriating.

Theres been alot of players with same issue, seems to be a game bug. Will hopefully be fixed in next update, just wish devs could confirm they notice this issue.

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Make sure that your Bios is update.