Lovely, blizzard is listening


Even though with the countless post and mega threads about symmetry’s concerns with her rework and impending changes/buffs…

Blizzard still ignores the playerbase.

Another bandage was put on Sym just to delay the process. Once again, blizzard ignored everyone’s concerns, thoughts, and ideas about symmetra’s primary.

But yet at the end, today we see them put their own idea in motion that will fix NOTHING – Sym primary range from 10 to 12. what a fix, what a fix indeed.


i agree


the sad part of it all is that i think the buff barely change anything. You can barely feel any change on her in general x]. its that bad.


I prefer her 2.0 kit. The only thing better is her sentry placement.


Symmetra’s turrets are much better than before and I enjoy her teleporter now.

However, her primary fire is still terrible most of the time as you can’t charge it reliably and its reach even after the increase is too short. Also, her ultimate is very niche.


they only listen to pro players because they play at 100% to know if something is op or not


They only listen to their wallets.

Sym’s position has not shifted and plenty of pros have most likely stated thier own Opinions of what must be done by now.

No one still uses her seriously in the high elos.


Like a band-aid for a laceration.

I’m hoping they are doing the buff up routine (rather than nerf down to balanced levels)

But I’m uncertain as they are not being so transparent.


i don’t even know what to think anymore. Seeing as their idea of a fix was to give her +2 in her range lol. its so bad.

The least they could do is make a video discussing whats going on in their end in relations to sym, but naw.


Not every character will be equally viable, when there are so many options that are designed to give them mechanically sound capability while also having a unique feeling.

They only listen to their wallets? Yeah, that’s because they like being employed.


what are you even talking about, honestly?


Sym is going to remain a trash pick. Sorry.


if she is going to remain trash pick, then they should of left her how she was for those who actually played her.

Seeing as that wont happen and we are left with an incomplete design, they should use all that money they keep making off us to actually deliver us something worth the price we paid for.


It’s more likely they’ll delete her than make her viable. Personally, IMO, they should go for that option.


they wont and they shouldn’t… wtf?


Don’t think so?

Blizz talked about retiring characters being on the table a long time ago. If they wanted to lower the available options, who better than the character whose mechanical identity appears to be unworkable?

What job does she do that she’s not absolutely outshined at by someone else? Her mobility is garbage, her survivabity is horrible, so as a flanker she’s basically not a thing. Her area control is subpar. Everything she can do, someone else can do better.

Reverting her isn’t an option; 2.0 Sym is absolutely better than the previous iteration. But 2.0 Sym is still bad, just because her core is bad.


2.0 was in no way bad to the core. In fact, if they would of just slowly added to her kit some of the 3.0’s kit, it would of drastically made a huge impact on her.

But they did not because they listened to the mass on removing her lock on, which was where it lead to this incomplete rework. You can easily tell this was not even thought out at all.

A rework on a char, switching them from support to offense requires much more time and effort to successfully execute.

The fact that the only new ability was a shield wall that people can walk through shows to me what little thought they put into her rework. Obviously, by the looks of the rat char that just came out, they were more focused on him than on her. They just wanted to remove a nagging itch from the mass which was her Lock on.

Two stupid nagging itches:
Sym is A defensive char, not a support because she doesn’t heal.
–incorrect, supports are not just healers! Supports are buffers and debuffers. they are people with a lot of utility and or crowd control. What they lack in damage they gain in these areas I’ve stated.

Sym’s lock-on:
on noobs it was too op, on pros it was poop. But she is a support, so i never saw it as a problem. She did wat she was design to do. To support her team in area control, shields, teleports, extra dmg block, and some nice side dps. She was a jack of all trade. Does not excel in any position, but can do a little bit of everything.

Now that she is a offensive char, they could of at least created a new weapon for her. But naw, they decided to just slap her in the face with zyra’s primary and a weaker version at that, while removing all her defense abilities.


lastly, they won’t retire any char they have. Might as well plan out this game’s retirement if they do that.


“They won’t retire any char they have.”

Oh man, that’s a big assumption. I bet they’d never make a tank support anti-dive, too…

Oh. Wait.


Almost everything you have stated up to ur last post are assumptions as well.

Also the dive comment. how does this correlate to the topic at hand?


Blizzard has said they’re open to retiring characters. That’s not an assumption. Kaplan said that.

Blizzard has also made it clear that they’ll do stuff people don expect.

Overwatch will do fine without Symmetra; ergo, my speculation may only be speculation, but don’t assume Blizzard won’t do something.