Love the Hog changes but


Coming from an American, this is the worst nerf he would ever possibly get.

A Nerf to that beautiful belly


Feels good to you, but unless you can carry with him you’re going to be the #1 reason your team loses in the end because the thing hog is best at is making sure the enemy DPS all have their ults charged for that last push.

If he feels good, but you lose your team games, he won’t feel good for long.


I love that he does more consistent damage now and that his hook is better. Not sure if the ult changes will help or not.


You can play around the ult feeding as hog. Flanking and corner peaking or standing behind a shield always. If you’re out in the open as hog you’re throwing


I want his ult to get the take a breather treatment (50% damage resistance and full movement speed) because that would give it more utility as well as give him another way to prevent feeding.


This is all conjecture and assumptions? What’s your point that Hog can feed? Everyone knows that. Except now he can hurt the opponents back.


As someone that’s played a lot of hog, the ult battery aspect of his kit is a weakness he trades for having lots of HP, good survivability with his E, and high damage. It’s a weakness of any off-tank that should be there so that it doesn’t feel like they are stacking more ults compared to you.


i mean, he is meant to be a kind of tank that can…well assassainate other heroes, an assassin tank


a Bruiser


Oh, I was distracted…so what were his changes? Did he get a bit of damage back? And what was the animation thing? Cant look it up myself cuz mobile.


As a Roadhog One-Trick, my last recorded stats are roughly:

Avg Accuracy: 22% to 33%
Avg HOOK Accuracy: 60% to 76%

“I’d like to see them try.”


This was always a weakness of Hog. The problem before was that his feeding outweighed his inconsistent utilities (kook and gun). Now that their consistency was buffed, Hog can now bring better value that can outweigh his downsides. So yes, he is still an ult battery but good Hogs can now have the chance to feed less and help their team.


You dont win games by gaining ult charge, even if he is feeding half of the time, as long as Hog secures a kill, the chances of winning are in your favor.


Which is bad.

Then he is slowly turning back in to hog 1.0 who could 1-2 shot the entire cast.


Hog is going to be going back to accurate lmb hooks, there really isn’t anything to complain about for Roadhog if you can land your hooks reliably.

His buffs outweigh Reaper still in my mind significantly… not sure why both Reaper and Hog will get tighter spreads.


It’s a different game from when Roadhog was constantly getting off one-shots, and they’re not buffing his damage (much), just stopping it from tickling people when they get 3m away.

As for feeding ult charge, this is Roadhogs main weakness and why I love the way he is balanced. He is a powerhouse but if you play him poorly he feeds ult charge. Lately though he has just been an ult battery with no bite.

These changes are very good.


Why Roadhog feels like feeds ult charge? There are 2 reasons:

  1. He isn’t being played properly
  2. He’s doing less damage than he should be

I’ve played Hog for 6 hours in season 12. I have 54% average hook accuracy, 24% average secondary fire accuracy, & 24% average weapon accuracy, 15.79 average elims & 7.28 average deaths. My best hook accuracy is 100% & best weapon accuracy is 49%.

My average weapon accuracy should be higher, since at best it was 49% & I should be hooking enemies more often since it’s 54% on average & 100% at best. The problem I’ve seen with Roadhog was his damage output, hook & ult (Whole Hog). He’s damage was too inconstant & low, his hook has had many chances to break, his ult was hard to control & his hook cooldown was too long. The changes to Roadhog should have him hook enemies more often while it doesn’t have a chance to break, increase his damage output, & a more controllable ult.

I wonder if this patch is coming within 2 or 3 weeks. If 3 weeks it’ll be after Blizzcon, if 2 weeks it’ll be before Blizzcon.


No it’s not.

He deals 33% less damage and he can’t hook you through multiple dimensions.

Roadhog will be finally a DANGERZONE again and that’s good, people lost all the respect for him due to his uselessness.


Reaper & Hog are getting tighter spreads, probably to combat the populer team comp, GOATS & to help combat the hero currently running rampant, Doomfist. Torbjorn, Mei, McCree & Symmetra should also help along with Reaper & Roadhog; Sombra, Zarya & Brigitte can’t handle Doomfist by themselves.


That IS his weakness. All characters have a draw back.