WOW. How I have missed the real and original comp mode! (well, not original as season 1 was different as was beta) but you know what I mean.

Completed 7 of 10 placement matches. Already playing against plat players and some diamond just like before RQ started. I believe I am 6-1 too in placements but yep, all matches were close.


7 matches:

  • ALL 7 so far no leavers that cost a match

  • All 7 so far good matches. Had comps of 1-3-2, 2-2-2, -2-3-1, 1-4-1 and won most and maybe lost 1 or 2 but still was close.

  • 3 leavers total but right as we all got into the match so the timer went off before we officially started.

  • Healers who heal.

  • Shield tanks

  • Shield and off tank who know how to play those those roles.

  • 0 throwers

  • Teams where we all keep adjusting (even the other team from what I saw)

  • 1-2 min queue if that vs 10+ min queue to dps yet be placed with dps heals and 2 dive/off tanks on maps that have choke points which shield tanks should be used.

To compare last season my placement matches were:

  • 3 leavers on my team after the 1 min of play or whatever the timer is so you basically lose.
  • won 1
  • last placement match had 2 dive tanks, 2 dps heals on Humamora (sp?) where you NEED a shield tank and guess the results. Lost in 1:15.

Hmmm. easy comparison.

Thank you Jeff for doing this. With Valorant out and still gaining players and popularity, OQ is nice to have back.

For those that feel RQ helped the game and still play it. Cool! Wish you guys the best and enjoy the dps heals, 2 dive/off tanks (0 shield tanks), leavers, throwers, etc.

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I don’t miss it at all.

I did my time pre-Role Queue with 3+ Damage team compositions that just didn’t work. I’ve no desire to endure that torture ever again.

You’ll still get all that in Open Queue but you’ll also have the all Damage team comps, the 5 Damage and 1 Off Tank team comps, the 5 Damage and 1 DPS Support team comps, etc.

Open Queue is what made me legitimately quit the game before RQ and LFG. Lower ELOs can’t push through a choke with a standard 2-2-2 comp and they sure as hell can’t do it either with open queue.

Open Q…

Oh boy how I did NOT miss that at all

After role Q I got a good amount of negative thoughts about it

But now since I did my placement, or at least Tried one of them
I appreciate RQ so much more

I cannot believe this open que was the normal and that I went over level 500 playing that crap

First placement
5 dps … Ashe widow Hanzo Mccree and Echo…
And I allready picked Dva

For the first time in my ow time I left a game myself
Never ever left a comp game

But this was even worse then I remember
It was just So emberresing (entire killfeed was red( That I clicked leave match even before I knew I wanted to do that…

Half a placement, seen enough haha

For the people who do have fun there, good enjoy :slight_smile: