Lost SR due to half of team disconnecting due to server issues

First of all 1 of the enemy team disconnected, followed by one of ours. Then it was 4v4, 4v3 until everyone either disconnected or left apart from me leaving it 4v1. The game finished and my sr went from 2780 to 2757. My team mate who disconnected told me her sr didn’t change. So why am I the one that gets penalised for this?

Hardly a fair system and it makes me reconsider playing the game if I make an effort to gain sr then this happens due to server issues. If there are server issues detected surely no-one should lose sr?

I took a screenshot of the teams to show what happened but can’t see anywhere to upload.

Please note, there are active issues in the recent hour affecting multiple players. Please avoid Competitive play at this time.

Learn more about Competitive Penalties and Blizzard Policy about disconnects here: