Lost SR due to game not connecting

Just lost 50SR and was suspended from competitive play because the game “failed to connect to server.” My internet is working just fine, I could even see my team’s text while I waited patiently on the home screen. Pretty frustrating to not only lose so much SR, but also get suspended, for something that was no fault of mine.

This error is a local connection issue, not a server error. When the server disconnects, the game will end because no players can connect to it to continue the match. If you’d like to troubleshoot, please add the requested WinMTR here. Unfortunately, SR cannot be adjusted for any reason.

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Players in the Americas and Oceania regions: Follow the Blizzard support documentation for WinMTR.

  • Make sure your issue is caught in the test or you run it for at least 5 minutes.
  • Players on EU servers: please follow the same directions, except you’ll want to post results in the EU Tech Support forum.

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  2. Paste the text in a reply, highlight it, then click </> on the post editor.
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If you require staff assistance specifically, you may need to open a ticket.