Lost SR because of unexpected server error?

Hi…i’m posting here because i don’t know what to do about it… i was playing a game in the br servers…everything was okay until everyone got the message “unexpected server error”, the chat worked so we all said the same…the server fell down…but when i restarted the game i noticed that i lost my SR along with the rest of the people on the match… are you serious?, idk if i can do something to get my SR back since i’m new in this game…but if i can i would appreciate if you tell me what can i do…

Unfortunately, your SR cannot be awarded back to you, even if it is the server’s fault. I imagine you have some feedback on this process, which you can create a post in the General forum to share that feedback with devs.

Well…i tried to take a screenshot of the problem where the server was “searching a match”, but i did not knew that if you take a screenshot on the main menu it doesn’t take the mesagges…just the background :confused: …anyway…the competitive in overwatch keeps dissapointing me more and more for a paid game…but well…what can we do…thanks for the reply anyway ^^