Lost SR because of Blizzard server error

Please make it so that if someone gets disconnected because of a server error caused by Blizzard no one gains or loses SR, I just want to climb on DPS for once :slight_smile:

As a reminder, if you see the messages “Lost Connection to the Server” on the title screen, or “Failed to connect to the server” in the text chat field, these are NOT issues related to the server, but your connection between you and the server. Usually, when the server closes (the message “Server closed due to an unexpected error” will display in the text chat), the match is simply voided. In any case, penalties are not removed for any kind of disconnection.

This is exactly what my team mates saw when they were disconnected from the match and all of us still lost SR? Why was the match not voided…

your SR is also blizzard’s propperty

welp ur right ig who cares about this game anyways its dead