Lost SR because I got kicked out of nowhere

Today I was playing a competitive match, we were winning and suddenly I got kicked out of nowhere. I didn’t do anything wrong and for some reason I lost a bunch of SR because of that. Afterwards I got placed in a priority que, but that doesn’t really help with the situation. I there any way in which I could get my lost SR back?

Nope. You left the game so you get punished

But I didn’t leave myself, we were in the middle of contesting a chokepoint and suddenly I wasn’t in the match anymore.

Ur team still had to play 5v6

this is why I don’t comp, Jeff has yet to fix the servers which I’m guessing they don’t run windows updates on em.

Jeff left the Overwatch team in April 2021. More info on SR loss when you disconnect: Overwatch Technical Issues, SR Loss, and Leaver Penalties

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