Lost SR after winning

So, I disconnected in the middle of a Competitive Game. I rejoined mid-game and we ended up winning anyways. However, after that game, I ended up receiving a temporary ban AND lost 75SR!!! I was at 1971SR before lowering to 1894SR. I would be fine if I lost the equivalent SR to if I had lost a regular game, but I literally lost close to 4-5 wins worth of SR from one disconnect! This is ridiculous! Disconnects happen, and I understand if a punishment needs to be put in place if it happens but 75SR!? That’s 1-2 hours of playtime wasted! Especially after I rejoined and we still won the game! My team was even super understanding of it, btw! Pretty cool people.

This is not a bug. SR is not reimbursed if you leave and spend 2 minutes or more outside of the match details here.