Lost my connection before a competitive game

I lost my connection before a competitive game, but instead of let me enter i only saw a black screen of loading.
Of course, the game said i lost the game because i left the game, and it took away a lot of points.
Is the first time it happened to me since i have been playing but what i want is to recover those points.
I know that is a way for avoid bad behavoir but there are cases like this that aren´t, i look forward your response and i will like to recover those points, thanks

Unfortunately all disconnections and game crashes counts as leaving the match and will be penalized appropriately. The game server has no way to discern a legitimate disconnection or game crash from one that is forcefully caused by a dishonest player to bypass leaver penalties. You can learn about this policy here:

If this was just a one-time issue, don’t worry too much. If you are disconnecting frequently, please take time to troubleshoot any issues.