Lost Connection to Game Server (Americas Server Only)

When I start the game up in the morning, it works fine. But, after it hits 10am (GMT+8) until the end of the day, it says “Entering Game” after maybe 15 seconds, then “Lost Connection to Game Server”. This has been happening for the past week now. In the past, there have been no problems whatsoever. I am using Sky Broadband in the Philippines.

This ONLY happens in the Americas server. When I switch to the Asia server, the behavior is different. While it does the connecting to servers part of the loading, it fails a few times but automatically retries. Eventually the connection kicks in and I’m in. This is only after one attempt.

To summarize, Americas does:

  1. Looking for server
  2. Connecting to server
  3. Entering Game
  4. Lost Connection to Game Server

While in Asia, it goes:

  1. Looking for server
  2. Connecting to server
  3. Connection to server lost… Retrying
  4. Entering Game
  5. Game loads successfully

Is there anything I can do on my end to fix this, is there something on the server end that needs tweaking, or am I doomed to play strictly in the asia servers in the afternoon?

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This has also been happening to me for the past 2 days. i live in the south east asia region and logging in only works with a vpn

This could be that the hops in America are doing maintenance and experiencing slow downs because it’s the middle of the night for the US. Have you tried any of the connection troubleshooting steps?

or used WinMTR to see where the connection slows down?

There are lots of resources and suggestions in the Blizzard Support pages, and also the stickies of this forum.