Lost connection, -50sr...again and again and again

Why do I keep losing connection to the server when I play competitive? I played 10 games QP and its smooth as a butter, 3 games in competitive and BOOM, got slapped with a "lost connection ", -50sr and 12 minute ban. If Blizzard would refund me those SR, Ill probably be masters by now

If you’re having connection issues, then it’s best to stop queuing for Competitive until you sort them out. It sounds like you’re landing on different servers for Competitive than QP; this can be due to rank, mode that you’re queuing for, and availability of other players. Is the rejoin match button available? If so, it means the match has continued on without you and the server has not gone down or disconnected, just your connection to it. A number of factors can cause this, so if you want to troubleshoot, make sure to include some connection tests like a looking glass if you’re on console or a winMTR if you’re playing on PC.