Lost/can't access custom game presets


As title says, lost all my saved custom game presets. When I try to save a new one it gives me a list of all my previous saved game modes but I can’t access them.

Please help.

[MEGATHREAD] Fix the greyed-out preset bug!

I am having the same issue, with exactly the same behaviour in the Saving feature.
I uninstalled the game lately, before the latest patch.
When I re-installed it, I couldn’t either save a new preset, or acces the ones I previously saved.


This is a known bug and they are quickly working to fix it.


It’s been 9 months… and this bug is still happening with the newest patch. Please fix this bug or at least give us a progress update; many people have lost their custom presets which they have spent so much time to create.

This bug is seriously compromising the functionality of Overwatch; it is extremely disappointing that the devs have neglected this issue for so long.