Lost 50 sr for a win

Game froze during a competitive match due to the bug they patched out on 5/8/18… I ended up logging back in after restarting my client and winning the game. Not only did i not receive rating for the win but i lost 50 SR due to a bug on blizzards side. Effectively erasing 3 wins from me. I’m not really worried about being able to get my lost points back but it really is demoralizing knowing that my hard work was basically just erased due to something that was completely beyond my control. Does blizzard correct these sort of errors?

It’s not an error (the SR loss specifically). The system is designed to work like that. It sucks when someone finds themselves in your position, but you shouldn’t waste your time thinking it will be remedied. That SR is just gone, and your only course of action is to win it back.


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Thank you for your reply. I hear you. Just pretty frusterating

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It definitely sucks. You have my condolences. :sleepy:

They should honestly have some kind of Support system where you can appeal -50 SR losses from disconnects, when it’s clearly server side. As your discord and everything else is working fine, just disconnected from bnet.