Lost 50 sr and suspended for canceling search for comp

Lost 50 sr and suspended for canceling search for comp


I lost 50 sr in a 6 stack and we all got banned for no reason! Plz fix this and give me the Sr back


Came to report this same issue, clicked cancel search at the same time that I got a game and it acted as if I had already joined the game and left voluntarily. No prompt about leaving the game or anything and I couldn’t rejoin the game either. Interestingly though, I was actually still in match/team chat while in the main menu and could communicate with the other 11 players of the game until the game ended 10 seconds later.


same problem with my sqad, 10min suspension and -50sr because we canceled the search for a game. I would like some compensations for this bug. The other guys with me were kaospbc and shadeskaars (europe servers). Thanks blizzard for fixing asap this problem and giving compensations to every unlucky person in my situation.

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I have been seeing frequent reports about this issue and while I do believe it is a bug it can be avoided. There have been exceptionally fast queue times for Competitive so things get weird if you try to immediately cancel a search queue. This being said simply do not start searching for Competitive unless you are absolutely ready to commit to playing a Competitive game. Penalties cannot be reversed, unfortunately.

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Well, since I can’t play at the moment, I figured I’d add my gripe. Not only did I lose sr but now all game modes are “unable to queue at this time” all for canceling the search while still on the home screen… with the cancel search button.
extremely irritating

This is the dumbest bug in the game

That’s a joke right? Sometime you que and someone gets called or someone in your group hesitates. As leader, you cancel que. It isn’t up to you. You need PR coaching this response is unacceptable. It sounds like you don’t even care.

Joke. The SR won’t be reversed bc you don’t care. I will still play OW but won’t spend a dime on it.

Has Blizzard even acknowledged this issue yet?

in other words… we’re too lazy to fix a bug, so we’ll just blame the players instead. Right?

No… this is a bug. Good news is that this bug appears to be fixed in the upcoming patch.

Better to have a rando then to lose 50 SR and get suspended for a while, happened to me 3 times, ( ;( -150 SR) afterwards I stopped canceling queues if people left my group. Also be 100% sure you want to play comp.

Also this should be fixed within the patch that releases Sigma onto the public servers!

There response was don’t que up comp if you aren’t ready but I accidentally clicked it cancelled immediately and now I am down 50 sr and locked out for 10 minutes… awesome and I am glad your fix was well just don’t click it -_- thanks blizzard

Pause the Que i GOTTA PISS, “alright dude go pee” cool ready lets queue up… WTF suspended???

not our fault we see many canceled matches a day within a few hours of a comp grind

This has happened to me countless times over the past 3 days on PS4. I canceled a search almost as soon as i started it and was suspended, i waited for the suspension to end, started a search then cancelled due to my tm8 wanting to use the bathroom and BOOM HIT WITH ANOTHER SUSPENSION. It’s like you at no point can cancel a search for fear and risk of getting suspended. wtf

What if other people in the lobby arent ready but the leader starts? Should we just disband the party after every game if someone needs to use the bathroom or wants to go get a snack?

Just make the comp queue have a minimum queue time of 10 seconds. EZ patch.

So essentially the group leader can force everyone to lose 50 SR and we don’t get that SR back. I just lost 100 SR today from this.

OW should have a banner that announces when serious bugs like this are known in the game so you don’t infuriate your playerbase.