Lost 43 SR in masters game

Hello, i feel like there is something fishy going on with comp lately with matchmaking. My starting SR was 3569 on tank and i just had 3 games where one game we were completely stomped due to dps skill difference but i can put this aside. However the next game we had a leaver at the beginning of the game where i suspect the guy was wintrading. I wanted to stop queuing for next game but then said why not try out one last time. My 3rd game where i started at 3519 had a genji that just completely threw the game for no reason and my team started accusing him of being a wintrader too which resulted me lose 43 SR at 3476. I dn’t understand but for the past few weeks my games are either winstreaks or loss streaks and noting in between. Any similar experiences?

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I can’t speak to why you lost so much SR, outside of it may be people manipulating MMR in higher brackets.

Lately mid-masters (and by proxy all ranks that mid-masters players play with, so from diamond to GM) has had a large number of cheaters and smurfs on DPS in my experience. I haven’t seen anyone I suspected of being boosted or win-trading though.

I had one match earlier where my team suspected that the enemy McCree was cheating. I didn’t believe he was, he just looked like he was smurfing. I went back to check and, sure enough, he was probably just a high GM DPS player dodging queues. I was surprised to find, however, that one of our DPS was cheating. So that’s always fun - I think our DPS believed their’s was cheating, so he started as well to hvh.

There have been quite a few occurrences of an enemy dps clearly smurfing or possibly having very good cheats, though.

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Cheaters are alot tho in masters but im just used to it, forums have been complaining about it forever and nothing has changed. Playing ranked solo is just pure roulette.

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They recently banned 16000 of them

I talked with a few people who smurf and they said their sr goes up like 70 when they win and 70 when they lose and they said it happens when blizzard cant determine what rank you belong in


Smurf will never lose 70 unless hardthrowing more games in row. Only exception is new account and after placement bonus. But it doesnt matter if player is smurf or not.

Normal plat/dia smurf who dont try hard in bronze-gold will be getting around 40 sr and losing 15.

When i was climbing on my alt and did try hard i was getting several times over 100. Even in low plat i gained twice +77 and i am high plat/low dia. But i was honestly lucky. It often depends how lucky games you will have, you can achiev over 100 sr run on alt one time and second time you will not go more than 60. Few morons on the way can destroy your high sr gain.

Just a exaggeration but they do gain a lot and lose a lot it also depends on how long the game is longer matches award more sr

Well they can but it doesnt work like gaining idk 60 and next game losing 60, you cant lower your mmr that fast.

Why should longer match give you more sr? Your stats are calculated based on certain time period. It doesnt matter if you do 10000 dmg in 10 min or 20000 in 20 minutes. Its the same.

Smurf will usualy have short games anyway.

Just something i heard

Thoreticly you could have bigger time widow to have more insane stats and maybe raise your mmr little bit faster. It might be possible, but smurfs usualy dont have long games.

Well since smurfs go all over the place in placements its possible

This is correct. That is, theres an uncertainty factor in the MMR system.

Usually it’s a factor in new accounts, but if you have a large win to loss ratio (over some number of last games) it will still kick in.

The best info we have about the adjustments are in this post: How Competitive Matchmaking and Rating Works (Season 21)