Lost 150 Rankpoints

Hey, i have a problem with the rank system.
I lost 150 rank points for one game without being noticed negatively. So i want my points to be refunded.

Platform: Switch

Blizzard does not refund SR for any reason. More information here:

To provide feedback on this system, please use the #competitive-discussion forum.

{Removed} And I’am glad you are admit you know about it AND DON’T DO A {Removed} about it either.

A reason… THE REASON ARE YOU BLIZZARD. When you not punish some one enough hard they will do it again and again and again, over and over and over again! When someone LEAVE you should at least lose 150-200sr. (not 50sr and 10min ban, {Removed} ??? No one cares about that).
They need to feel it hard. Or do like CS:GO. There you lose a whole rank or more and play banned 30min/2h/2days/7days and so on. til account banned… EZ!
I don’t care if you lose connection and get banned. It’s WHOLE your responsibility to check that everything works before start competitive and make sure everything works.
And if there are a leaver it should effect ALL. winners just get max 10sr and loser side 10sr maximum, as an example.

What your system also do are punish the good ones. trollers reporting falsy and for fun in groups, and you REALLY can get banned for it, for no reason. AND you are claiming in your post that you looked into it but NO ONE have or ever do, even when you get evidence against you, you do nothing.

I mean… Don’t sit there and wonder why your games you make fall in to dust every single time. When you CLAIM, “we took in a lot of player feedback”. Is also a big lie. And this forum are the biggest truth for that. You haven’t listen a single word on what the REAL gamers want and ask for.

Do you mean SR or Competitive points.

I’m a forum volunteer and do not work for Blizzard.

But if I did, I can tell you that posts like this are not the way to inspire any changes to the system.

Nice that mean i can’t play tank rank anymore. Tried second time -98 Sr for one game. And i don’t know why…

Now I feel even more sorry for you/them… Working for free… And are they so low and cheap they cant even pay tech supports… Omg . -.-

NOTHING works on that cheap {Removed} company. Volunteer… Joke of the day! I would never use them for my CV if i search work… Lmao.

Unlike what Nicole previously wrote, Blizzard’s customer support has actually refunded SR in the past. There was one issue in September 2017 where the OW servers were giving a substantial number of players unreasonable bans from Competitive Mode, and the company later confirmed that this was an error in which they’d be looking to resolve. The remedies included lifting the bans and restoring SR.

Unfortunately, customer support are unlikely to be sympathetic to your circumstance, as isolated cases such as yours are often brushed aside. You can try to reach out, and I wish you the best, but it’s way more likely than not that they’ll refuse to do so because in their eyes, you’re a small fry they can brush aside without facing any repercussions.

I don’t mind cus i have deleted the game and don’t play any blizzard games anymore.
Just waiting for a Valorant key.

Hey y’all,

These forums are for troubleshooting technical issues. We are unable to restore SR, remove penalties or assist with any account related issues. If you would like to discuss how the rating system works and provide suggestions for improving that system, feel free to discuss that on the Competitive forums.