Lost 15 times today

You know what? Fair point

Generally speaking saying anything to your team only hurts. No matter how nice you try and come across people take any and all opinions or suggestions as critism and being toxic.

At best they will ignore you, at worst they will get titled and play worse/leave and maybe even report you. Speaking up is the leading cause of being banned in OW imo.

I was trying to make a little joke, to help make you smile.

I had some awful QP matches last night, played for 2.5 hours and maybe won 3 matches, it was awful, the worst was on Havana when they blocked us in the attacker spawn with a torb turret we couldnt shoot at after leaving the “safety zone” before the exit doors (it was almost in the door, could shoot us but out bullets weren’t registering on the turret) , and guarded the other door with a sigma/bastion/baps and they had a mei, moira, and orisa on the third door, it was very frustrating and one of the few times I legitimately had very little fun in overwatch

Damn i would stop playing after 5 in a row cant take it


game pairs you with teammates 300+ sr below you a majority of games when you tank. loses games because the sucky dps and plat dva otp on your team is somehow still throwing worse than the terrible players on the enemy team. lose enough and the game screws over your mmr and thinks your bad despite playing the same level as masters and above tanks. you have so less control over the people on your team, you performing well affects almost nothing in the current state of the game

Honestly, you’re most likely right. I generally don’t speak because of social anxiety, but knowing people will get pissed off is my next reason why I don’t speak.

The last time I spoke up was a few weeks ago for a girl that was getting sexist remarks from some guys. Although, my games are generally silent.

Oh, I see haha. It went right over my head, sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s happened to me a few different times in the 3-4 years I’ve played. Spawncamping has to be one of the most, if not the most, frustrating thing someone can go through.

I desperately wanted something to do, but I ended up getting a headache after all those losses.

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I dont think we got to leave spawn for more than a few seconds before getting melted down, I think I physically felt my blood pressure rise

The events bring out two folks: skin collectors who basically don’t know how to play the game, and the folks who slide into QP from comp to more quickly rack up skins, often in groups of 2-6. This creates serious imbalances in the games and yesterday was horrid… just horrid… one team is full of sweaty try-hards and the other is bunch of Pokemon addicts out to look good. You can imagine how it goes…

Ouch. During those moments, I like try to go Sombra and sneak out and try to distract the enemies from behind… But ever since role queue, I can’t do that anymore.

Yesterday was fine for me, but it seems like once I get even the smallest winning streak, I must instantly start losing again.

Well it took 10 games but I finally won my arcade match. Gave up on TM and CTF for Mystery Hero’s. Good old Bastion saved our team. The enemy team had 4 bastions, and forgot to get on the point.

I feel that, honestly I stopped playing after the 4th or 5th loss in a row. Idk how people have the willpower to keep grinding on bad nights.

Well, at least you got one win. Very few times have I seen the Bastion strat actually work… Unless it’s the enemies, that is.

You underestimate the power of boredom.

You know what, you have a fair point.

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With great boredom, comes great suffering.

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Played TF2 for over 10 years, can lose all day and it doesn’t bother me.

Sombra in total mayhem does a good job of raising blood pressure though :stuck_out_tongue:

Wish I still had my Level 3 Privileges for a hugging GIF, but -

Hugs Rosen.