Lost 15 times today

I mean… Did you lose rank or is this QP?

QP and new CTF mode. I haven’t played comp in a long time.

I have no idea but I’m having a pretty bad night in arcade. 8 loses in a row. My team just don’t want to want to win. Picking the worst hero’s or just actively throwing.

Preach. I got 7 losses in a row at first, then I got a win, then I lost two more times.

Ah. CTF never really caught my attention, personally.

Sorry for your losses.

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Quoth Jeffrey Kaplan:

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Some game modes are worse than others too. CTF Is the absolute worst imo in requiring good team work to win. Given you can carry the flag or kill people it’s nearly impossible to win that on your own.

bro same

dropped from 3488 to plat in 36 hours in a 15 game lose steak

never q as tank without queuing with a dps :frowning:

Sadly very true. For what ever reason seems like the pepole who care the least about the game pick DPS. SO many people play the wrong DPS, with no skill or effort.

Sombra’s that never hack health packs… and so on

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It’s an okay mode… :man_shrugging:

Thanks, though.

Thing is, I’m very much a team player. I tend to pick apart the little things my team does (or doesn’t do). I’m a healer, so of course, I like it when my team is…together and working together. I’m not very good at being DPS and just soloing people.

It was good the other day! But today just totally flipped. It’s horrible. I play Lucio to help my team as much as possible and weeeeee still fail.

Big F. I remember having a loss streak that spanned for days in comp one time. It was torture.

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Well to be fair there isn’t much you can do about your team. Unless your playing with friends or people you’ll ever see again there is very little incentive to work together or fix problems.

And, people say there’s a forced 50% win/loss ratio. This prooves it false.

Yeah, pretty much… I was playing with a friend earlier, she invited her friends and I swear a couple of those people? I had NO IDEA what the hell they were doing. But, they’re casuals (the most casual of casuals, in this case), so I’m pretty sure they don’t care if I said anything.

I guess?

I’ve been blessed with really good teammates tonight. I’m afraid of what comes tomorrow…

Everybody is playing serious today to accumulate items. If you always play serious the first couple of days of a new event is going to strip your QP SR. Not fun.

Whatever comes tomorrow, I can only hope you survive it.

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Leave the game and go back in, its got you in a death loop.

I did, I still lost xd

It’s friday

You know what? Fair point