Losing sr without losing games

Hello. Last 2-3 weeks, I lose around 10-20sr when i’m around 4000sr without playing any games at all at that specific role (support). It has happened 4-5 times already and most recent one was yesterday night. I’ve played more than 10-15 support games the last 2 days and yesterday night i managed to reach exactly 4000sr. When i woke up, surprise surprise, i had 3990 sr without playing any more games. I contacted the Blizzard support and they told me to open a thread cause it’s an unusual bug. I don’t want the sr back but i want this bug to stop happening. Thank you in advance.

Did you play another role after finishing those support games?

I did play as tank this morning but I can’t remember if it was before or after i saw that 10sr were missing in support role. How could that matter?

Well if you left that match on tank, it will take -50 from the tank role. But It will also take another -10 SR from Support and DPS.

I don’t know if this was the case, but if you left any games after the support matches then that would happen.


I indeed got dc in 1 of my tank games and i joined after the 2 min were over. But since when is that a thing? oO First time I hear that. I suppose that’s the reason then?

You can learn about leaver policies in this support guide: