Losing SR even after a win

I know this has been discussed but with 4 days left of the season i WAS trying to push to the next rank after 4 hours i was less then 50 points away. In mid game that seems to be evenly ranked i get windows update pop up on my screen while mid fight. Unfortunately i was shooting so i clicked “Restart Now”. I come back with 30 seconds left in a 2CP map and select my hero and run to the point and get ult a tick. We go to defense the team is very understanding and we have a great defense and win the game. I was DC for the game no longer then a minute. I contributed a good part in the game flexing to counter picks and when i get out -50 SR for winning.

At that point spending 2 hours playing to just lose it all again. I said forget it. Closed the game and going to play something else.

How is this a fair system if u come back and contribute to a win? I understand if i lost or DC and didnt come back or came back with 1 minute left in the game. But i was dc for less then a minute before half time and came back and contributed. It honestly makes me feel like never touching the game again.

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A Blizzard staff talked about why players receive penalties for leaving due to technical issues: