Losing conection to the server

im perfectly fine with my wifi and im pretty much on the internet when im doing this. but anyway of figuring out on why its doing this to me when im perfectly connected to the internet???

Hey AngelCreed, our forum thread answers a few questions that comes with latency or connection issues, and possible causes of why the connection to the server can be lost for only Overwatch. The connection is much more than just an on and off button, and there is many causes to why a connection can be lost for only one service.

If we can gather a WinMTR test, we can try to diagnose the connection a bit further! Please run the WinMTR while playing the game for 10-15 minutes, we advise to stick with Custom vs AI during troubleshooting and gathering information.

If it’s not connecting or allowing login at all, please gather a traceroute and pathping test.

Thank you!