Los Angeles Gladiators vs. San Francisco Shock - FINAL

You can’t get plat players to all take a TP. :rofl:


Yes, sir.

And as I said above, that means it’s probably advised to stay the heck away from competitive play this weekend.

back to mirroring…so um…this one is over…

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How long you figure it will take for Pros to complain about Mei being in almost every other team composition.

She’s only been in, like, 15% of the games so far.

Hero usage for match #2

  • Winston, Zarya, Rein, dva, Hammond (kinda), sigma, orisa

  • echo, tracer, mccree, soldier, ashe, mei, sombra, pharah, bastion, hanzo, symmetra, doom

  • brig, ana, bap, lucio, mercy

Well Arena. You called it on the 1 map win for LA.

That was a very entertaining match to watch, gg.

Pretty sure it’s bigger than that.

I’ll check RobotWizards OWL numbers later on it.

they kept botting in on the stairs
should of kept trying the tp strat

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Soe Opening Weekend Spray is not yet patched into the game client.

This means once you earn the qualifying time for that spray, you cannot access it right away until it arrives in a later patch. Follow my streaming rewards guide thread for updates on when that spray arrives in the game client at a future time. You must still watch the required amount of 4 hours from April 16th to 18th to earn that spray.

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Good to know. I would have been looking everywhere for it later.

Gladiators: Win the opening map.

Also Gladiators: Fail to understand the secret to winning against the Shock.

Result: A very quick match win for the Shock (and 3 points for me on the Pick’em).


Ilios (Control): Los Angeles Gladiators 2, San Francisco Shock 1.

Eichenwalde (Hybrid): San Francisco Shock 4, Los Angeles Gladiators 3.

Watchpoint: Gibraltar (Escort): San Francisco Shock 3, Los Angeles Gladiators 1.

Hanamura (Assault): San Francisco Shock 2, Los Angeles Gladiators 1.

FINAL SCORE: San Francisco Shock 3, Los Angeles Gladiators 1.


The Gladiators snuck one map win away from the Shock, but soon after the sleeping giant awoke and the Glads were overwhelmed.

That’s all the matches for now, ladies and gents. Matches will resume with APAC’s Opening Day in approximately 9.75 hours. See you then, folks!

Glad to see token rewards working nice and fast if watching directly from YT with your bnet account linked. I got 10 for today.

was that the last game for today?

Until 2 AM pacific time yes.

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Didn’t get any tokens.

Had the stream open the entire time.

Most unfortunate, try swapping to the other platform (from YouTube to OverwatchLeague.com orfrom OverwatchLeague.com to YouTube). If you are still having problems, start working through my troubleshooting guide here:

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Thanks, I’ve resolved the issue, but unfortunately both streams for the day have long past…

Oh well there’s always tomorrow at…


I’m gonna ruin my sleep schedule for video game currency, aren’t I…

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