Los Angeles Gladiators vs. San Francisco Shock - FINAL

May Melee • Week 1


Los Angeles Gladiators
San Francisco Shock
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Final Score


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mans from the future… match didn’t even start and u post this lol

rewardwatch check-in

10 tokens so far

WOOO! GO shock! Yeaaa!

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I think the Gladiators may take a map to make it interesting, but I have full confidence the Shock will start their run for a three-peat with a very quick win.

Although that isn’t necessarily all bad, considering I would like to go to bed soon so I can watch the APAC matches LIVE and not be a tired mess in the process.

I like both teams.

SF will win, but it will be a lot easier since Kevster isn’t in the US right now.

Shock never wins their first few games of the season so this is going to Glads

Well, nice to see OWL back. And nice to be back on the forums. These threads were the only ones I liked there at the end. As always Go Shock!

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The Boss is back! :open_mouth:

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I think it’s gonna be a coach diff.

Crusty is too big brain.

Lol, nice gif! Bummed she lost last weekend, good match though.

My prediction was 3-0, let’s go Shock!

I still need to watch it. I’ve seen most of the results, but waiting until a friend is off of work to watch with him.

Oh crap sorry if I spoiled it. But yeah watch it anyway, it was awesome.

Don’t worry. I’m not super invested in WWE lately, so I’m not worried about spoilers.

Maybe I’ll really dive back in when Becky comes back.

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Yeah, I really only jump on these forums for OWL news, OWL match discussion threads (either created by me or Wyoming), and to post an occasional message regarding some random moment that I want to keep off Facebook, and that’s about it. And I’m a much better person now because of it.

Believe me, it’s a lot easier to not get banned when you don’t feed the trolls. Best way to do that? Stay away from the forums as much as possible.

Kevster is so handsome.

Kevster very shy or is there something else going on?

Still bummed that SF poached the Nero pickup from Houston.

We could have had Outlaws May Cry with Danteh/Nero.

Well, judging by the fact Kevster is overseas, we might see an early use of the minimum latency feature that was semi-recently added by Activision Blizzard.