Los Angeles Gladiators vs. New York Excelsior - FINAL

that was some confused DPSing on NYXL’s part…like 3 different combinations

its the beginning of the stage. at some point we’re gonna see some frequent dps picks. just like we saw goats earlier this season (I don’t miss goats comp btw. screw that comp!)

I can’t believe this is working

Pretty sure wrecking ball is the only character who can get away unpunished from a whole team of NYXL after a succesful sleep dart.

look at all these swaps. Love it!

By the ways guys, in case any of you are glued in this thread, the PTR got updated again. The Moira buff was recalled (Fade no longer usable if stunned) and Sigma’s Kinetic Grasp has been buffed.


Lol, I chuckled on that fan the hammer on sleeping Winston.

Good thank god. Never should have gone through!

NICE SUREFOUR! that’s how you do it!

:pensive::pensive: this sucks actually

Yay Brigitte lives… for now.

no double sniper that round…thats a win in my book

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Wow Surefour popped off. Surprised brigs being played in 2/2/2. makes me wonder if she needed to be changed/how many changes she needs

I’m really happy to see McCree being played by Surefour lol, he was one of the players I followed when I was starting to learn to play McCree!

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After Map 1


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I bet the support players are playing her just in case if her overhaul makes her viable in 2 2 2 metas

Well hot damn, of course they recalled it. Can’t have nice things.

Same, Glads will be the team to watch for swaps. They always enjoyed playing their mystery heroes. lol

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LAG stands for:

Gystery Heroes

they rly shoulda let the fade buff go live imo