Loot Box Opening Glitch (PC)

Hi, same happened to me, i pone a loot box and i saw how i get GENJI NIHON, but its like my rewards dessapear… i want my skin :frowning:

Overwatch SUB menus are transitioning to the panning main menu background image. Please fix.

Can confirm. Really annoying. Lost like 5 boxes b4 I noticed I wasn’t actually receiving the loot from them if the camera glitch happened.

Also, from the boxes I got that didn’t give me the camera glitch, I got some summer games items? Is that supposed to happen? No, right?

Same here but it only happened on my legendary anniversary loot box but not for the normal ones. I’m butthurt cuz I got the Ashe skin and that’s the one I really wanted.

my zen skin got taken from me everytime i got it

We are aware of an issue causing the camera to zoom in when opening an Anniversary Loot Box, making it difficult to see what items were received. There is an extra layer of confusion associated with this in that when the camera zooms, it focuses on the Anniversary background displayed on the main menu, erroneously giving the impression that players are receiving Anniversary skins from their Loot Boxes, which may not be the case.


Strangely, this has happened to me once on the first box but has never happened again

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It’s also possible to enter the other menus such as the hero gallery in this state.

Had the same thing and it actually showed me as having the Zen skin as well. Maybe its associated with the skin,

Hi. This happened on PS4 too. The camera glitched and I lost my items. Will this get fixed?

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Glad to see this is common, happens to me every single time I open one and it’s getting on my nerves.

This just happened to me : (

You guys didn’t get the Zen skin, you’ll notice that it doesn’t have the coin like icon behind it which indicates it’s an anniversary skin. You’re seeing the Zen that was set on the main menu screen.


Maybe, but for me it was never any zen skin, it was just random rare & epic level items, and then when I went to check my hero gallery later, there were far fewer items than there should have been.

Same thing here with three loot boxes in a row :frowning: It pans across the screen and then shows the new Zen skin.

Same issue with anniversary loot boxes. I believe this issue is due to the recent changes to the login screen. The camera panning mechanism for the new skins on the homepage causes a glitch with the loot boxes. Please investigate it.

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Yeah, every box I open does this.

same i was so sad when i lost all the items from the lootbox :(.

Problem with a buggy loot box. I won a loot box with the anniversary event this Wednesday 20/05 at around 11.35pm, by opening the camera zoomed on the background, before returning to the loot but by zooming much more than usual. When I wanted to equip my new skin for Zenyatta Huitzliopochtli I found that none of my loots had been unlocked.

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That’s cool and all but what about the ppl like myself that got the new Zen skin and it’s not there? After i unboxed it said i could equip it and then it was gone. I just wanted my skin and ill be done.

Thanks GGodd