Looking for team players


I am looking for a squad or friends who play competitive regularly. My mains are Sojourn and Moira, but I can do Lucio, Sombra, or bastion. I can’t judge my skills as I don’t know the average stats for these heroes in OW2, so I am putting them here but it should be about average.

Moira stats: Best elimination: 54, Avg/10 min: 19:40 Best hero damage done: 11,892, Avg/10min: 5,298 Best healing: 26,811, Avg/10min: 7,256

Sojourn stats (although I am playing much better now compared to the last two weeks):

Best elimination: 47, Avg/10 min: 18.21 Best hero damage done: 18,046, Avg/10min: 7,271

I am currently gold on open queue, support, and DPS, looking for people who communicate and care about team plays as this is the must in OW2.

Let me know if you are interested in pushing to higher ranks together.


Battlenet: MR3ZA#2835

Could play sometime . Battlenet sebyseby#1763

Add my PSN GoodGuyDak
Or battlenet GoodGuyDak#1685

Building a team and so far is my buddy Matthew, a guy i added from here last night who played real good, as well as myself. Pretty chill chat and just having fun climbing ranks

I’m a P3 OQ, S1 RQ support main, Mercy/Kiriko/Moira. EU 18+, on most evenings and weekends. JUSTDAVE#21899 … … …