Looking for some new friends on PC

Hello there !

I’m a young woman and I play overwatch since one year, I play on PC and on America server, I’m still Bronze I play with a friend who is gold and want me to play support especially mercy.

But I’m looking for some new friends to help me to improving with different hero and with who we can talk on discord/blizzard channel and have fun together !

I did not play comp a lot because I did not have the level for, I know I do some mistakes when I play so I’m looking for some nice person to teach me !
I’m a non-toxic player !

If someone nice have time to help me sometimes =) feel free to add me: Vestalis#2951

Best regards ! Have a good day.

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hey my name is Charlie im also a girl I wouldn’t mind playing with you if that’s ok?
im also bronze

Hello !

Of course I’m okay to play with you ! So if you want we could play together ! : )

Best regards. Have a good day !

hey still looking for people?

Hello Jonocheth,

yes of course =) !

Best regards.

Id play im also bronze but i threw games so i could play with friends. I mainly play soldier, ashe, and tracer but im flexible to play other stuff.

if your still looking for people to play with i pretty much only play ana but could learn anything

Hello! Sorry I’m late! Yes of course I’m still interested ana is fun to play but hard sometimes I play her when someone choose Mercy or if on the opponent team they use reaper to use the grenade on him. That’s nice from you if you could help me improve with others characters!

Hi! I’m a bronze player. I main support (Moira), but I can also play tank and dps. Been playing qp to improve for comp. But I also play comp as well. Add me Virtuous #11890. I’m also a girl xD

Still looking for ppl to play with?


(This is for anyone, not just post creator)
I’m looking for someone to play with. I can help you to improve or just play for fun.

Btw, just for your information I can join voice chat but English is my second language and I am still learning.

Id: AlexisDeWitt#1817

Hey. I’m getting back into OW after a year or so break. Do you have discord for comms?