Looking for some friendly players!

Just looking for some friendly people to play with! I’m down for about any gamemode. For comp im ranked gold! Leave a reply if you wanna play sometime!

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Hi, I’d love to play! My tag is recc#11606

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if u guys need tank main just hit me up and we have community also


Thank you, added you!

If you want a gold/plat support main to play with my tag is Undercooked#11796

I’m not so much for comp but if you ever want to play qp or any other mode feel free to add me, always looking for friendlies! OverBark#1933

I’m a solo healer, I’m gold and i hope you don’t mind if I’ll add you :heart:

You can add me on discord Aristogglez#7254 :slight_smile:

I dont have a rank yet but i would really like to play with people! TrippyD#21908

hey im looking for ppl as well readmnweap#1605 im usually on im up for any play all roles

Hey! My group does scrims two nights a week and we need people for tonight! I’m trying to climb in comp too but am below you add me up and let’s get to talking!