Looking for people to play with (Asia)

Sorry to post this here as in the US section of the forums, but I couldn’t find an Asia version of it, and thought it’s prob better to post it here rather than the EU.

I’m located in Hong Kong and I’m looking for others in the area in ASIA and timezone to play rank or qp with! It’s impossible to play with people in NA due to massive ping and stuff, so if you are interested, leave a comment or add me on battlenet! Alysha#11926

I don’t mind using discord as well! Just let me know you are from the forum! thanks!

Feel free to add me. RedApple#21502

yee sounds good! added ya!!!

Hey there! Seems I’m a bit late to the conversation but I’m also down to find new people to play with, I’m Asterion#21453, gonna send some friend requests :slight_smile: