Looking for people to play comp with

Hi, I’m loooking for people to play comp with, either it be in duo, trios or a full stack. I’m always available during night times. I dont wanna play solo queue cause it’s very daunting and the games keep getting worse. I’m a support player that’s currently in platinum and I can play any support that is needed, so anyone that is in range with my rank is welcomed.
I’m on PS5

Yoo I’m dps I’m looking for help getting out of bronze

hi i play mercy kiri illari and sometimes brig my user is aiecks#1371 highest ive placed is diamond 1 but im plat rn

I can play tank/dps with you I’m plat 3 on both roles but peaked diamond 5 dps.
Add me: Ice#18137

Hey yo, I’m a flex player, Always looking for fun people to play with, plat/diamond player, ps5

I am going to add you if that’s okay, don’t mean to hijack others’ forums, but I am always looking for more peeps to grind with.

What’s your bnet? So that I can add you

atemaru#1305 is my battle tag

So, can you resend that invite? XD I accidentally denied it.

idk if i ever received the inv could u resend

Hi, this is the first time is have posted on the forum. Returning player to OW since it’s changed over to OW2. Struggling with the solo queue missing the find a group option to find like minded older players

I like playing in comp usually sit in gold somewhere but have grinder up to plat 5 in healer which is my preferred play. Add me if you like to play sometime :smile:

Play on PS5