Looking for people to friend and play with

So I’ve never had friends to play video games before, let alone ones to play online games with like overwatch. I’ve been playing for almost two years now, and while in quarantine I’ve decided to achievement hunt to fill up time and give me something fun-ish to do. I’ve gotten a lot of achievements done on my own (or by accident), but I’d love to become friends with people on here and play together, and we can work on achievements helping each other. Thank you for listening, and I’m excited for a good reply (I live on the east coast, so looking for people in EST time I guess for better time usage)

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hi I’m Kay! feel free to add me. I’m in CST but can usually play whenever! PSN: heccya

Hey ArcaneMelody, you can add me I am West Coast but can play earlier in the day on Tuesdays

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