Looking for group to clear PVE

(ASIA/SEA only) hoihoi! im looking for people who’re looking for complete quests and expert/legendary mode. reply with ur discord username, if ure interested. :3 i play support!

zhipowerz#6384, looking for group to do all legendary. completed all the archive, junkenstein and sombra junkenstien legendary until now

hello! have u found a group? your discord doesnt work for me but u can add mine instead. its @naru_jp

hello wondering if you’re still looking for people to clear pve, my discord is @dadogfrog :slight_smile:

Hello I’m not exactly located in Asia but in OCE region though I have played on SEA/Asia servers ping is tolerable around 100ms~. (with my current group) I’ll be happy to try it with you if you’re fine with this otherwise totally understandable you can add my bnet or my discord “.sakuragi”