Looking for group does not work for comp

If you set your find a group settings to comp, it does not show up in the list. As well, there are no find a groups that are looking for comp. at all. in the past 2 days. Also, my friends and I all sat in a find a group for 30 minutes yesterday, ultimately finding out you have to set the group to *any and put comp in the title in order for anyone else to see it. The people that finally did join our group said the same thing was happening to them.


PC / Playstation or xbox?
And what region?

^^ This info helps with the bug report

Server: North America

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I have got the same issue on EU servers - no competitive games available in the Group Search. Even there are no messages in the general chat window. Wtf?


Thanks for the report. We are actively looking into this issue.


This has been happening for a few days now, it’s kinda annoying as I now have to solo q and solo q is a pain in the butt if you ask me!!!:sob::sob::sob:

Same experience on Xbox. Please fix ASAP!

And after this patch I have experience server kicking me out of comp more times than any previous years combined!

please fix before weekend i wanna play with cool guys and girls :smile:

its on pc / eu for me

Same issue here on North American server.

Same here, is this still going on?

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Same issue on both xbox and PC. It works fine for QP, but competitive won’t search for groups at all

same here i always make groups when i play comp and i dont get any ppl to join also it dosent show me if there are other ppl trying to make groups so i could at least join theirs plz fix i am tired of solo queing with 5 dps mains and forced on tank

yeah its still not fixed… annoying

Same goes for me. I’m from Brazil and i can’t find any comp groups. Please fixed.

Is this going to be fixed? I can’t find competitive games or open groups. It just stopped and as been like this for ages. I want to be able to play@@!