Looking for friends!


I am currently playing unranked because I can’t play ranked.
My main is Hanzo, and I will be playing him for a long time because I want to be very good with this character. Only problem I have right now…
I would really like to play with a group who play with mics.
The game is so much more fun and interesting if you have a group/people to play with.

Not only for the community feeling, but also because you can communicate better in the team.

I am open to talk via Discord or just through game chat.

Looking forward to it! 0.0

Battlenet: TrippyD#21908
Discord: TrippyD#8048

Are still searching for a mate?
We can try if you like.
Im a Mercy and Kiriko main.
So I can heal you and support you all the time.

(post deleted by author)

My Battle.net id is: MisterPaul#21143
and my dc name is: Ultra_E-Sports_Pro#7513

Wanna run scrims tonight @730 pdt we need two dps

Add me

Are you guys still looking for a mate to play with ?