Looking for EXPERIENCED People to do Ironclad Legendary

If you have beaten any new story missions on legendary and want to do Ironclad please reply with your username and ill add you <3

zhipowerz#6384, looking for group to do all legendary. completed all the archive, junkenstein and sombra junkenstien legendary until now.

SKATEORDIE#11394 , Can’t wait to play together , I’ve beaten most of the PVE events on Legendary

Willadiym #2639 I have completed first two missions and King’s Row on legend also

sent you a friend request im NaterTater#11267

#11286. No one plays in Latam and i want to do Legendary. They won’t let me even do with bots

Have you beaten it yet? HylianLoach#1597 I’ve done all pve achievements from ow1 and in ow2 prior to the story missions event, also completed legendary for underworld resistance and liberation. Best at torb and bast

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