Looking for competent players!

Former console-watch plat currently gold on PC.
Looking for experienced players who are confident in their respective roles to play with. I would like to grind SR and get better at the game by being able to practice with others player of the same mindset and skill level.
Between all platforms I have over 1000 hours of experience.

I play any role you need. I am best at this list of hero’s!
Tanks: Sigma, Orisa, Winston, D.va, Wreckingball, Zarya.

Dps: Genji, Doomfist, Ash, junkrat, reaper, phara, mei, Mcree.

Support: Ana, Bap, Brig, Moira, lucio, Mercy.

If you are interested in grouping up for the cause, then please, add me on battle net @xXpunkXx#11628, and reach out with what role you play, your rank, and your time spent playing Overwatch.

No toxic comments please.
Thank you.

I added you! 20characters

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Thanks for your interest. Will you please provide the role you are wanting to play and your most current SR?

I can play all roles. But I can avoid dps for shorter q:s
Support and DPS 2000
Tank: 2500

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Awesome. Your current stats are about the same as mine. Go a head and add me if you haven’t already. I will be trying to get a few more people to join and try to have us all together by Friday.