Looking for casual/chill play

Hello! I play overwatch, but not a lot recently because of the lack of having a full team of people I can communicate with. Solo queue is not fun for me which is why I don’t do it. I mostly main mercy (which has been a hunting game in itself). I’m not going to say that I’m good, and I’m not going to say that I’m bad at playing her. I don’t know about doing voice chat yet, but if you’re interested in playing a little bit first, then maybe we can work out a more permanent situation :blush:. If you would like to play, my tag is LadyVictoria#11775.


Hi! I dont know if you are still searching for people to play with but you can add me on xbox @ V Cryonixs V or on battle.net @ Cryonixs#1970

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Always happy to group, my gamer tag is “OGCryptor”

My battletag is DrunkNerd#1995 add me