Looking for adult humans to play with

Hello there, I’m looking for anyone who is in silver(or around there) and wants to climb. Im tired of playing w people who get tilted and blame everyone else for anything that goes wrong… at this point I’ve heard it all. I just want normal people to play comp with and get better at the game. I’m a support main but can play a lot of dps and also a mean sigma. I have a decent game sense and don’t mind shot calling or just BSing and having fun, cuz it’s a game we should be having fun :smile: I play mostly every night, MST time zone.

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hello! I’m slowly getting more into comp, I’m a dps main (sombra mostly) I placed plat in season 22. I can also play off tanks and support (both gold season 22).
I wouldnt mind trying to climb up in tank and support. but I’m also down to play arcade and run QP and mess around.
I have a mic and not toxic, if you feel like adding me my PSN is heccya