Looking for active chill group

Im looking for an active chill group of people to play with. whether its comp or quickplay.

all i ask is have a mic, be 18+ and not be toxic

if you wanna play some games let me know , my PSN is grumpel1992


Hey, I’d love to play with ya sometime. I’m a platinum support/Brigitte main and I occasionally like to play Orisa as tank. I want to try and get a fun and chill overwatch group together as my old one is too busy or tired to ever play anymore. I’ll send you a friend request, my user is: CcaRAWK

Hey! I have an 18+ community if you are interested in joining. We verify every member to ensure they are not a little kid. We have a very active qp and comp channels for finding people to group with. Shoot me a friend requet on discord Vinyl Punk#5828 or PSN Vinyl–Punk

i sent you a friend request on psn and discord . my psn is grumpel1992