Looking for a summury of nerfs and buffs


Hey everybody.

I’m trying to make a quick study about nerfs and buffs on heros over time because I want to see the trends, how things work, and all.
Has anyone got a document that shows all the hero changes over time on Overwatch. Even on a small period of time ? Would help me a lot.

Thx community !


If you have the time to write, then you also have the time to read:


Have fun digging trough.


You will have to read all patch notes, good luck.


Crystal or something had a big post by hero.


Guys, I know were I can find all the patch notes, I’m just wondering if someone have some kind of document that can ease the thing a bit.
Of course if not, I will dig through the patch notes.


Should be able to go through, copy+paste them all into a word document yourself somehow. Then it’s a matter of keeping up with it


I may write a script for that. :stuck_out_tongue: