Looking for a Group, Tired of Random Teams

I am looking for a good team to get into playing competitive with, my score tanked last season because I was primarily playing for the sake of unlocking sprays (which I managed to get a lot of) - I am hoping season 10 will be when I can work my way back up. I mainly play as D.Va, Junkrat, Moira, Orisa or Bastion but have been branching out a lot recently.

If you are interested or also seeking a team for competitive, message or add me on PS4: Claxington01

Hey I’m LadyMusky from Tactical gaming we are looking for more people who are interested in working together as a team, improving their game play and tactics.

We hold practices twice a week on Sunday and Wednesday from 8pm-10pm EST for NA and 7pm-9pm GMT for EU. During practice you can expect to be doing scrimmages where we practice shot calling, Ult combos and coordination, focus firing ect. We are a friendly group of people, and personally have made some friends through TG.

Our requirements are:

  • Be Respectful
  • 16+
  • Mic
  • Be active

If you have any questions please feel free to message me on my PSN LadyMusky.


Add me on PSN. It wont let me send you a message

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Okay - I am on now. Just one second. :wink:

I’m down, i play Moira and Lucio mostly, and I just solo healed a trash random team through a first round as Moira on attack at Gibraltor lol

PSN is Jordonriver87

I’m also sick of these random teams and losing half my placement matches T__T

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I’m down, I’m a 2500 ranked, will play quick play or ranked. Main support secondary tank, learning to actually have fun sometimes and play offense. Psn id: KadoAvo

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Hey are you still looking for people? my PSN is beanielynn, please add me if you are!


Yup yup, will be on in 4 hours after work add me @ Gkido