Looking for a group for expert mode PVE

Looking for smart intelligent players that knows the game to complete expert mode before legendary mode

I’m down for it already done expert underworld and resistance just working on challenges now

Battlenet name please?

Blueberry #13480 online as of now

I’m down as well! Add me: Natsuo#11940

please add me: amka0916 #3931

If the offer’s still out, I desperately want to clear expert liberation, these randos and AI heroes are making me pull my hair out (NolansGoons#1912) (pc : na)

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if you’re still looking My user is EULA#11276 I have a lot of experience with pve (NA)

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Sent you a friend request! Let’s try and get those challenges done!

Hi there! I’m actually looking for a group for legendary but will play expert (especially for achievements or if practicing for legendary) if interested, please add me: Natsuo#11940