Looking for a few folks to add to our ranked squad

Hey there folks my friends and I are looking to add to our circle that we run ranked with, most of us are low silver in our respective roles so no pressure to be great we all just want to improve and have a good time trying to work up the ranks.

There’s 3 of us who are pretty consistent in playing most nights and we have a couple floaters, if your looking for a group to have some chill conversation and improve with hit me up 18+ only please

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Sure, I’d be down to sometime.

I tank and dps been looking to do more comp btag is DrunkNerd#1995

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I’m at silver 4 for dps and haven’t placed on tank or support yet but I’m down to play when I can GoldGhost #11293

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What’s ur battle tag?

I’d be down to play with y’all. I’m low gold/high silver in heals and low silver in dps mines badbish21#1753

Hey I’m down. I’m quite consistent most nights and I play all roles. I’d be happy to make some new pals blood#23105

Just sent you a request!

I can join you guys to play on some days too. Battletag is Sebyseby#1763

Sent you a request :slight_smile: