Looking for a Chill Playstation group

I played OW for a bit but trying to get into OW2 more. Down to have fun in QP or try our luck in Comp, main mission is to have fun times :sunglasses:


I’ve also been looking for a good chill group feel free to add me

Feel free to add me if you like. I main Moira, Baptiste and D.Va :blush:

me and my partner are trying to make a group for competitive, we both play support. we’d love to join you! my psn is Shinovibe

Dope whats your battle tag

I mainly play soldier Ashe and Mei
Feel free to add if you like. My username is JBANDZ#2955

shinovibe#1220 but i added u back on psn

Grumpykitten#29363 I’m a tank main tho I’m low rank currently in silver, but happy to play any mode tbh. Feel free to add.

Adding peeps here. Feel free to add me, would love to group with comms :slight_smile:

Hieden47#1889 would love a solid group to play with. Currently a silver support player but can play what’s needed

Add my ps4 GreekGodz420 when i get off work i play tank spprt main

I’m going to hop on Overwatch 2 in about 30min, please add me too, I’m shunOpPrime#1565. I’m west coast, play in the evenings mostly. New to Overwatch but having fun with it and I hold my own, support or damage role usually.

Looking for a crew myself. Play a lot of QP role queue


Hi I have also been looking for a chill team my psn is Dragon76Slayer10

If people here wanna play. I ll be down to play Sebyseby#1763

Addded you on psn. Let me know if ya ll wanna play