Look...I miss the old res (mercy discussion)

A lot more people seem to be wanting it back recently


To be honest mass rez was op only because mercy got change to being invincible when she was using it.
It was more like phara ult before, if you do it wrong you just die because other team shoot you when you try.


So I’ve never played when mercy had team rez as her ult but I’ve watched people do it back in 2016, and I’m actually sad I didn’t experience it, plus they recently nerfed her like wasn’t the first nerf enough


I don’t really miss it tbh. I feel like a lot of it is rose-tinted glasses. I like the free flight.:woman_shrugging:


You mean the first billion? lmao


I dont think she is good balanced at all thats why I want to see a rework like this.

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Mass rez was iconic, an amazing, impactful ult that could have been tweaked and altered. I hope they bring it back, and along with it, the Mercy a lot of us fell in love with. (Not this stale, boring, dull “Mercy”.)


I’ve had the “huge rez” mercy spray since day 1. I sprayed it on spawn doors recently and someone said “remember when huge rez was a thing lol” and I’ve honestly been feeling kinda sad since then because I really do miss the feeling of making a huge impact on games, which is something Valk doesn’t do :frowning:


I miss it too. So much.

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Bring it back blizzard


Ok but what about the other side of this. What if you simply don’t remember what it was like, and only remember the bad parts of it?

That’s why I wish Blizzard would even entertain adding it to the PTR. I feel like everyone can’t remember what it was truly like and as such either have rose-tinted glasses or irrational hatred based on half-remembered occurrences.


I can live without mass-rez… I can live without valkyrie and free flight. I can live without rez all together.

All I need is for Mercy to have her guardian angel with her bunny-hop addition, her beams, and some utility that makes her balanced and viable. That utility does not have to be rez, in fact, I think it would be preferable if it wasn’t. As for ultimate… well, I really don’t care for Valkyrie. I want something that requires me to plan and use my decision making skills. Something where impact varies depending on how skilled I am at determining when and how to use it.

Blizzard made Mercy too easy with the changes, which made her boring.

I miss hearing “Heroes Never Die!” and it actually meaning something.


I’m sorry did you just turn into HiddenXPeria?

Also it wasn’t iconic. Something you might want to distinguish from iconic is visually pleasing. The Lightsaber is iconic, the E-11 is visually pleasing. You know what a lightsaber is, and despite more then likely seeing the E-11 about 100 times you have no idea what I’m talking about. (Flacking lore scrub)

Bringing that effort killer is not going to happen because in doing so it’s admitting that the ult is fine and had no reason to go away in the first place. If they are to ever compensate her for that ult they would likely just make it so that her current Rez has an ammo counter depending on the amount of healing done or time. Perhaps even make it so if you rez one person you have X amount of time to rez another before your ability hits a cooldown.

Go ahead, steal those ideas and run with them in your crusade. They’re going to be the best suggestions you see for her changes.

“Balanced” meaning underpowered and boring.

She was better off pre-disaster-of-a-rework.


Because the nostalgia phenomenon is a little different than someone who remembers it as not so hot.:woman_shrugging:

They’re not really that different though. If you have fond memories of mass rez, you’ll remember it positively. If you don’t, you’ll remember it poorly. Those seem pretty similar to me.

I’ve always thought that “Heroes Never Die!” was iconic and the imagery surrounding it and mass res are shared.


I feel the same.

4 Characters.

I don’t think Mercy is balanced, or enjoyable to play as. Her rework is still a mess. I’m at the point where I refuse to play her, no matter what. If someone else on the team wants to do Pharmercy then they can do it, I won’t ask for a Mercy either. I’m happy playing Moira or Ana instead, at least I have more fun and actually feel like I’m doing something for my teammates.