London Spitfire vs. Toronto Defiant - FINAL

May Melee • Week 3


London Spitfire
Toronto Defiant
LP: 0 (0-3 -7)
LP: 2 (2-1 +0)

Final Score


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3-1 toronto, lets go

This one will be a bloodbath, with the Defiant taking this one either 3-0 or 3-1.

I really need Toronto to win this.

I don’t want there to be a chance that Dallas makes it in to the melee.

They are scary.

Toronto would be a much better team if they replaced Na1st. I am not a fan of him so far.

Lijiang Tower goes the way of the Defiant, but the Spitfire answer in extra time on Volskaya Industries, and we are tied heading into the second half.


Lijiang Tower (Control): Toronto Defiant 2, London Spitfire 1

Volskaya Industries (Assault): London Spitfire 3, Toronto Defiant 2

MATCH SCORE: London Spitfire 1, Toronto Defiant 1

NEXT UP: The second half of Spitfire vs. Defiant, starting with King’s Row (Hybrid) and then moving on to Havana (Escort).

Blizzard OP, please nerf

Someone somewhere right now.

I’m sure the Top 3 discussions on the forums Monday will be the following:

1: Why did Bastion appear in my comp games?!?!
2: The exact reason why McCree must be nerfed (with “stats” from a third party website that may or may not be suspicious and/or malware-infected)
3: Mei is OP. Best way to fix? Nerf her ult.

At least, that’s my guess.


CHARLIE NINER ON THE GROUND! REPEAT, A SNOWMAN’S HEAD HAS GONE FLYING! The Toronto Defiant clinch a spot in the May Melee!


Lijiang Tower (Control): Toronto Defiant 2, London Spitfire 1.

Volskaya Industries (Assault): London Spitfire 3, Toronto Defiant 2.

King’s Row (Hybrid): Toronto Defiant 2, London Spitfire 1.

Havana (Escort): Toronto Defiant 3, London Spitfire 2.

FINAL SCORE: Toronto Defiant 3, London Spitfire 1



1: Washington Justice 4-0 (4 League Points) (+9)
2: Houston Outlaws 4-0 (4 League Point) (+7)
3: Florida Mayhem 3-1 (3 League Points) (+3)
4: Toronto Defiant 3-1 (3 League Points) (+2)
5: San Francisco Shock 2-1 (2 League Points) (+4)
6: Dallas Fuel 2-2 (2 League Points) (+2)


7: Los Angeles Gladiators 2-2 (2 League Points) (+2)
8: Atlanta Reign 1-2 (1 League Points) (+0)
9: Paris Eternal 1-3 (1 League Points) (-5)
10: Boston Uprising 1-3 (1 League Points) (-7)
11: Vancouver Titans 0-4 (0 League Points) (-8)
12: London Spitfire 0-4 (0 League Points) (-9)

The Toronto Defiant move on to the May Melee Qualifiers after a very egregious Charlie Niner. For the London Spitfire, I’m afraid, it’s back to the hangar.

Oh boy, I lit my twitter on fire with my graphic…


Next match begins here:

London going winless for the season looking like a real possibility.